Coosis BeOne™ now is avaliable for order

Coosis beone

We are proud to announce the first version of BeOne now is available and will be exhibited in “Essential Install” show. It takes Composite & Audio, S-video, HDMI, VGA & 3.5MM Audio A&V inputs and output converted signals (ADC) through a single HDMI cable to your HDTV, extremely easy in internal decoration. A&V input is automatically switched to the latest plug-in, and switching back to the last one when current input is plug-out.

There are two models of USB connection: Charging or Pass-through, you can find a switcher on the back of Part #2. Under Charging model the USB port is powered by BO per se, it will charge your devices at 5V 1A anytime when BO is on. USB Pass-through is designed as an extension of HDTV’s USB port, a USB cord need to be connected to the HDTV’s USB and BO. You may need this function to play videos or music in smartphone or flash on HDTV. Please note under Pass-through model the USB port of BO will be inactivated if the TV is turned off.

LAN/RJ45 and PHONE/RJ11 two inputs are pass-through, you can use the two ports just right to your hand when BO is network and telecom connected. Hiding your massy cables in the stud wall.

     Orders are taken now, 60days lead time, 10% Discount. Please email us at for more details.



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