Coosis set up local distribution center in California, US

Fremont, US – October 22, 2012

Coosis U.S. local distribution center in Fremont, California, USA has formal been in service today. From the preparation to completion, Fremont distribution center project has spent more than three months. The new warehouse takes more than 2,000 square meters with all the 7-meter-high shelf stereo storage. Commodity storage, sorting and distribution will be managed by SAP EWM system. The new semi-automated sorting line can be automatically sorting more than 100 varieties which can meet more than 10 vehicles picking at the same time. Fremont distribution center will effectively shorten the American local delivery time and cost, and also improve the customer shopping experience.

Up to now, Coosis has set up distribution centers in Manchester England, Shenzhen China and the United States Fremont. Through advanced distribution network, Coosis is able to provide 24 hours delivery services for retail customers and distributors in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

The Coosis President and CEO Alan Zhao said:”since November 2011 to the present, our distribution centers in China and the United States have been successfully put into operation. By improving of our distribution and service network, we are able to further improve our service quality and therefore enhance customer satisfaction.”

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