Crack the China market

Manchester, UK – September 23, 2011

Coosis is advancing its plans to open up the Chinese market. The President and CEO of Coosis Alan Zhao believe that Coosis will be benefit from China’s growing consumer and business demand.

Currently, Shenzhen Raysgem Electronic Co., Ltd. has formal signed the agreement with Coosis, to become the strategic operational partner in China. Raysgem plans to use its existing sales channels and network to facilitate Coosis products to enter the Chinese market. The CEO of Raysgem Phil said:”the demand of signal conversion equipment is huge in China, if you look at the growing sales of video and audio products in China, the Chinese market will be worth billions of dollars.”

Conduct of business in China, Coosis will obtain broader opportunities for development. The developed China electronic manufacturing industry will help Coosis further improve the product quality and reduce costs, so as to provide a more economical and quality products to consumers.

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