HD Universal Converter is Coming SOON!

Through three months hard work, now we are proud to announce our new HDMI series will be launched in the next month. The series is named as HD Universal Converter and will include two editions:


HD Universal Converter Logo front

HD Universal Converter will rush the converting market indeed for its comprehensive input sets and advanced capabilities. Both editions are complying with HDCP Standard, and they are able to convert the analogue signals into digital format. We’ve written a logical formula into chipset to transform every two vertical lines to three. That means HD Universal Converter is capable to amplify the signal from 480p to 720p with very little quality loss. In other words, HD Universal Converter is able to enlarge an 852×480dpi image to 1280×720dpi as an original 1280x720dpi picture. The series supports output resolution upto 720p@60Hz. The reason we didn’t upgrade to 1080p was that wouldn’t be affordable for most families, and really no necessary to spend that much money for converting analogue signal to digital format. Developing great products with great price always is our mission. Love simple, and enjoy simple, with HD Universal Converter.

HD Universal Converter Logo back

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