New website launched

Manchester, UK – Feb 1, 2013

After several adjustments and testing, new Coosis website has formally launched today. is the only official website of Coosis Ltd.

The new website has added a lot of innovation and improvement on the structure, function and operation, and more suitable for the company’s products and image. Our IT department attaches great importance and lots of efforts to the site of the revision work. The content, display and functionality are all made great changes. New website is designed with strong visual impact from the home page to the inside of the sub-pages. Specific content is presented in the form of illustrations to make it easier and clearer to understand. The homepage promotion pictures highlights of the company’s new products. Customers can get our latest products updates from here. The purchase functions are also improved to provide a better shopping experience for our customers.

We hope our new website could become a bridge between our customers and us which can help our customers to understand our products and also the company.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go register and find out the new features now.

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