PAL NTSC 2-way Translator will be available soon

Coosis PAL/NTSC translator takes the PAL, SECAM or NTSC system and coverts them to either a PAL or NTSC system as per your needs. PAL, NTSC and SECAM are different encoding standards for the transmission and reception of analog television signals; they have unique colour encoding, frame rate, required bandwidth, number of lines of resolution, refresh rate etc. Converting from one system to another is not an easy job and requires a lot of adjustments. Converting from a 625-line, 25-frame/sec system to a 525-line at 29.97 frames per second system will need the converter to create new frames (from the existing input) in real time, and also handle any synchronization issues to ensure proper lip-sync and so on. This converter allows you to achieve desired images on native displays or record/copy a specified format from one of the three system A&V sources. This is widely used for tape conversion, digital camcorders, security, video processing, multi-system VCR, broadcasting and medical imaging applications.

The 1st batch will be avaliable in the UK with our distributor – Keene Retail Ltd.


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PAL NTSC 2-way Translator
PAL NTSC 2-way Translator
PAL NTSC 2-way Translator

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