Python™ Series HDMI Cable is coming soon

After quite a lot preparation, Coosis Python™ series HDMI cable will be released in the UK and USA markets. The entire series is High-Speed with Ethernet cable (Cat 2) / HDMI 1.4 standard, has capability of handing 4K X 2K, deep color, audio return, 3D and so on. All cables are consist of quality AWG-26 high purity (99.98%) aluminized copper conductors, triple layers shielding and wrapped by dual-layer corrosion-resistant PVC jackets with embossed Python scale row around. On the ends of the cable are enameled Zine-alloy connector Shell and Triple thickness Gilt 24K Contacts. Extraordinary quality plus remarkable design, make Python™ series to be one of greatest HDMI cable brand. Expected Releasing Time will be 28.Feb.2013.

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