What we have done recently?

  • We were a little bit busy recently, working on some small changes… to provide better buying experiences for users.
    In the previouse sales, there were users claimed for logistical issues that resulted in product damage. Although we replaced the converters for free, it wasted your time and lead to bad feeling. We adopt a strong material for new pack. It is capable to stand static force < 40kg and instant force < 33kg.
  • Then we did a lot of researches, and tried varied paper cover to make this box look better. Finally we chose the special black cover of Sumsung’s i9100 box, and printed our logo, slogan and website address on the cover through some strange printing processes (don’t know its name). Now it looks fabulous, and elegant.
  • After that… what about adding metal logos of our 5 series, umm… seems to be good. 0.2mm thickness logo cost us 4 weeks, and you probably can find the design is also changed.
  • White Pack
  • Black Pack
  • Black Pack Front

We used to provide UK standard power plug for all products, and thus to incur some blames from users outside of the UK. Thanks for the suggestions we decided to get rid of this problem. Now all the power plugs are supplied in US type, come with US-to-UK and US-to-European two adapters depends on your region. No need to buy an adapter for coosis’s product anymore. The power plug is tied up by a beautiful Coosis tape. By the way, we played a little trick here. The tape is for tying up all the mass cables around our plug, every simple day isn’t it?

US to UK plug & UK to US plug
DC Adapter

Black Pack Buttom
Black Pack With Product
Black Pack With User Manual

Although the package can stand heavy forces, appropriate protection for product is still necessary, foam inserts with reinforced corners should be a good choice.
Now the product looks well protected and user manual on the top is not only for convenience, but also can be a buffer layer.

In addition, the user manual now is multi-language edition, including English, French and Deutsch, easy to read.

English Flag
France Flag
Germany Flag

New user manual is still in designing. Please give us some more time to finish. You can download the new edition later on our website.

User Manual

New user manual is still in designing. Please give us some more time to finish. You can download the new edition later on our website. New quality tracing bar code is on the back of product. We recently changed our quality control system for detailed tracing and analyzing. After quality test, the product will be placed in the box with accessories and sealed by a QR code label stated with product details, so you can identify if it’s a brand new item by checking the preserved seal.
  • Tracking Bar Code Label
  • QC Passed Label
  • QR Code Label
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