BeOne Installation Guide

Structure & Dimensions | Measure Unit: mm

Bracket & Cutout Dimensions | Measure Unit: mm

Installation Steps

Make a cutout and Positioning 8* #Concrete Anchor into correct place. Make a hotion.le in the wall to route the cables in the wall before beginning the installation.
Embed the #Bracket into cut-out and fix it by 8* Drywall screws, make sure the power cables and signal cables go through the cable outlet areas for later connections.

Remove the #Front Panel from the #Main Console. It will be easier to do this from the bottom.
Connect the Signal Cables to the correct connectors, and connect ground wire, neutral wire and live wire to in-room power.

Fix the #Main Console to the #Bracket via 4* M3-15 Bolts.
Remove the plastic protection layer from the surface of the #Front Panel and # Touch Panel if you prefer, and then hook the #Front Panel to the #Main Console via built-in 2* Fastener & 4* Magnetic joints.

To connect the other ends of HDMI & USB Cables routed in wall to TV or displays.

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