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      Coosis HD Universal (HU) is an extensive range of audio & video format converting products, supports most popular A&V jacks, formats and resolutions. HU products give you freedom and flexibility in connecting varied media sources, receivers and displays for home entertainment or industrial purpose.

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      Coosis HD Gaming (HG) is a dedicated range of AV format converting and image optimizing initially designed for game consoles, but then its charming capabilities lead to a wide range of applications across home entertainment, video recording & processing and other industrial purposes.

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      Coosis HDMI Distribution Center (HDC) is a range of audio & video signal distributing and amplifying products developed for home or industrial AV signal networking applications, to satisfy your needs of sharing media across multiple rooms and devices.

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      Coosis Digital Audio (DA) offers practical solutions of audio signal conversion, encoding/decoding and distribution for home entertainment and industrial installation.

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      Coosis HD Tool Kit (HTK) professional products help installers and AV enthusiast to customise the solutions for residential and industrial applications. This line provides outstanding extenders, signal format converting and installation tool kits.

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      Coosis PythonTM series HDMI cable is an ultimate High-Speed upto 15.8G bandwidth with Ethernet cable (Cat 2) for HD signal transmission.

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Scart & S-Video to HDMI 1080 Ultimate

Upgrading your Satellite Box

Coosis Scart & S-Video to HDMI 1080 Converter (Model: HU.SR-CVBSSV/H) provides a really easy way to convert and upscale analog SCART, S-Video or Composite inputs to a digital HDMI output of maximum 1080P resolution. Separate Composite to SCART In/Out adapter is designed to connect with the Converter to provide composite video and L/R audio inputs and an additional S-Video female jack. This converter accepts both PAL and NTSC formats, and can take analog L/R audio and encodes it onto the HD video signal for HDMI A/V sync output. The front panel S-Video/Scart selector switches between S-Video and SCART (Composite when the adapter is attached) input sources.

This convert is programed with wide-range output resolutions
and 4 output image aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, Expand and
Subtitle) to meet different display requirements.

Scrat S-Video & Composite to HDMI 1080 Tvbox

4 Image Aspect Ratios - 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 & Subtitle (2.35:1)

Stretch image on 16:9 screen
By adding horizontal / vertical sidebars to retain the original format's aspect ratio, this converter provides three built-in image as pect ratio options - 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 and Subtitle (2.35:1) to keep the output images can best fit your screen physical aspect ratio at 1:1 pixel matching.
  • Plug & Play, No driver

    Plug & Play - No Driver Need

    This function facilitates the discovery of the converter in your A/V system without the need for physical device configuration, or intervention in resolving resource conflicts.

  • NTSC / PAL Compatible

    NTSC / PAL Compatible

    PAL and NTSC both are analogue colour television encoding system used in broadcast television systems, but they have differences at frame rate, broadcasts ratio and resolution. This Converter is capable of NTSC/PAL video format auto-detection and auto-switching.

  • OSM Menu for detailed image adjustment

    OSM Menu

    Detailed image quality can be adjusted through OSM (On Screen Menu), allows fine-turning on Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, dark detail, motion level and other colour options, to get clearer, brighter, sharper pictures.

Audio & Video Auto Sync

Scart,Composite RCA w/S-Video to HDMI 1080 Ultimate Converter takes analogueue audio signal from A/V devices and encodes it onto the processed video signal for HDMI output. It is equipped with auto adjustment of the audio sync to eliminate the usual sync problem in A/V format conversation.

Audio & Video Auto Sync
Additional DescriptionMore Details

2nd generation of SCART to HDMI model now supports 1080P anti-aliasing output, with greatest image aspect ratio adjusting for 5:4, 16:10 or 16:9 screens!

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