HD Gaming Pro2 Installation Guide

Installation Steps

To setup Coosis HD Gaming Pro 2, please follow the steps listed below for proper installation.

  • 1) Power off the display and any display sources such as an HDTV/Monitor/DVD player etc.;
  • 2) Connect your Component/YPbPr sources to the YPbPr and YPbPr2 input Jacks;
  • 3) Connect your VGA source to the VGA input Jack;
  • 4) Connect your HDMI source to the HDMI input Jack;
  • 5) Connect a Stereo Audio source to the 3.5mm audio input Jack (audio PC input is for the audio source sync with a VGA input);
  • 6) Connect the VGA cable to the converter at the VGA output Jack;
  • 7) Connect the other end of the VGA cable to the VGA input of the display;
  • 8) Plug in 5V DC power cord to the DV/5V Jack of the converter;
  • 9) Power on the converter;
  • 10) Power on the VGA/Component sources and the display with the VGA input.
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