How secure is buying over the web / I’ve heard horror stories about other Internet companies?

If we look at the security issue first, we accept PayPal and Google Checkout as our payment methods which are the most secured and advanced online payment services in the world. All your information will be encoded. Anyone “listening” to traffic en route will not be able to make sense of your details.

If you are a UK resident using a UK issued card for a transaction over £100, you are automatically protected by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. This means that if a trader fraudulently charges your card for something that you did not order then the credit card company is equally liable for the debt. Therefore, the credit card company would refund you for the fraudulent charge while making the corresponding charge directly to us. Given the above, if you enter your card details into a secure internet site it is much safer than giving them over an unsecured telephone line.

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