HD Gaming Pro Lab Reviews – Introduction


If we talk about monitors few years ago, most people would consider it as a part of computer and only for playing PC games, visiting internet or working etc. They more preferred to stick with their televisions for football games.

Then the time turned to the HD age. The generation of HD-DVDs, Blu-ray and new game consoles (PS3 and XBOX360 etc) result in great needs of the HDTVs. To play PS3 on a 40” HDTV certainly is great with the optical impression. However it’s neither good value for money nor for the people live in the university campus.

On the other hand, along with the technological advances, physical size of monitors arrives 24” and even larger. The shapes are selectable as 5:4 or 16:10, and the 1920X1200dpi resolution also indicates the dot-to-dot 1080P HD images now are reachable on the computer screens. In any event, a sumptuous 24” full HD monitor must feast your eyes either for playing games or watching movies. However a monitor equipped with comprehensive set of multimedia inputs (DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-VIDEO, AV and SCART etc) still stays at high price and in fact it hasn’t significant effect in the most cases. Despite the input sets, a screen supports 1:1 pixel equivalence certainly costs you more.

Therefore some converts have been developed with Ypbpr inputs and VGA (D-Sub) outputs for playing video games or watching DVDs on the computer monitors. Due to this kind of “bridge” is added between the game console and the display, the final image quality would partly count on the converter’s capabilities. If the converter doesn’t support the 1:1 pixel equivalence, the images might be stretched to fill the full screens as 16:10 or 5:4 shapes. It could be worse if the converter doesn’t support high definition outputs. Despite the former limitation, most existing VGA converters usually have problems of overexposure, distortion and washed-out colours.

Since more and more gamers required a product which can reach the greatest employment of their monitors and game consoles, HD Gaming Pro was developed as a comprehensive converter for full range game consoles.

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